Budget: $990,000

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Line Producer
John Houston
John Houston
John Houston
John Houston
John Houston

KIVIUQ is a genre-defying performing arts film that features
the story of an Inuit ancient hero by the name of Kiviuq. In the minds of Inuit elders, Kiviuq is a shaman whose power equals that of Homer's Odysseus in the western culture. According to elder Samson Quinangnaq, the story of Kiviuq is the secret Bible of the Inuit, which has been suppressed for a century. The story begins when a great hunter is killed. Since he was the only villager to show kindness to the hunter's orphaned son, Kiviuq is spared the horrifying vengeance of the boy's grandmother.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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