List of Interviews

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André Bureau, Part 1: CRTC and the startup of Pay TV André Bureau, Part 3: Revising the tax credit system and the need for industry lobbying groups Arnie Gelbart - Part 2: Both Cultures Arnie Gelbart - Part 3: Financial Support for Filmmakers
André Bureau, Part 2: Harold Greenberg Arnie Gelbart - Part 1: Filmmaker


Douglas Barrett - Part 1: Career as Media Lawyer and CRTC regulations Douglas Barrett - Part 2: Overview of Policy Development Douglas Barrett - Part 3: New Technologies and Regulation


François Macerola, Part 1: SODEC and its Relationship to Other Provincial Agencies François Macerola, Part 2: The Film Industry, Technology, Regulation, and Foreign Investment François Macerola, Part 3: Development of the Film Industry through the NFB and Television François Macerola, Part 4: Québec and International Markets and Reflections on a Long Career


Gary Maavara, Part 1: Beginnings Gary Maavara, Part 2: Size of Canadian Industry Gary Maavara, Part 3: Vertical Integration and Re-visioning Media Industries Gary Maavara, Part 4: Capital Investment and Digital Revolution


Helene White, Part 1: Early Career Helene White, Part 2: Pros and Cons of Government Support Helene White, Part 3: Royalties


Judith Brosseau, Part 1: Québec Judith Brosseau, Part 2: Future of Québec’s cultural industries


Kevin Shea, Part 1: OMPDC Kevin Shea, Part 3: Foreign Investment and Internal Partnerships Kim Todd, Part 2: Life as a producer Kim Todd, Part 3: Producers and Regulatory Environment
Kevin Shea, Part 2: New Technologies, Regulation and Media Industries Kim Todd, Part 1: Early Career in Manitoba and Saskatchewan


Len Cochrane, Part 1: Satellites Loren Mawhinney Part 1: Boards Loren Mawhinney Part 2: Regulation and Finance Loren Mawhinney Part 3: Vertical Integration
Len Cochrane, Part 2: Regulation


Martin Allor, Part 1: Cultural Industries in Québec Martin Allor, Part 3: Technology, Regulation and Change Michael Spencer, Part 2: Formation of the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit Michael Spencer, Part 4: CFDC Struggles with Distributors
Martin Allor, Part 2: Role of the NFB in establishing the film industry in Québec Michael Spencer, Part 1: Forming the CFDC Michael Spencer, Part 3: Accidental Chairman of the CFDC


Norm Bolen - Part 1: Canadian Media Producers Association Norm Bolen - Part 2: Small Producers Norm Bolen - Part 3: Role of the Broadcasting Act Norm Bolen - Part 4: CMPA and Distribution


Piers Handling, Part 1: History of the NFB Piers Handling, Part 2: Distribution and New Technologies


Richard Paradis - Part 1: Comparative Policies Richard Stursberg, Part 1: Policy and Production Richard Stursberg, Part 3: English and French Canada Rudy Buttignol - Part 2: Early Career
Richard Paradis - Part 2: Québec star system and audience response Richard Stursberg, Part 2: Audience Rudy Buttignol - Part 1: Early Days of Knowledge Network Rudy Buttignol – Part 3: TVO and Educational Broadcasting.


Sturla Gunnarsson, Part 1: Beginnings of His Career Sturla Gunnarsson, Part 3: The Role of the Directors Guild in the Struggle to Secure the Rights of Content Creators Sylvia Franck, Part 1: Origin and Contents of the Film Library at the Toronto International Film Festival Sylvia Franck, Part 2: Role of the Canadian Film Encyclopedia
Sturla Gunnarsson, Part 2: Distribution and the role of Public Policy


Tom Cox, Part 1: Choosing to be More Commercial. Tom Cox, Part 2: Success of the Industry and Fiscal Climate. Tom Cox, Part 3: Marketing. Two Brothers, a Girl and a Gun: Discussion with filmmakers


Valerie Creighton, Part 1: Canadian Media Fund. Valerie Creighton, Part 2: Plans for CMF.