About Canadian Film Online

Canadian Film Online (CFO) is an interactive website devoted to the history of full-length feature filmmaking in Canada. Our database contains records for over 1500 feature films made since 1960. We also provide summaries, commentaries, and interviews with people whose contributions to Canadian filmmaking have been significant.

CFO aims to illuminate the connections between government policies and programs, and the actual financing, production, and distribution of films. Visitors can browse timelines, maps, and charts to better understand where films are made in Canada and how location is affected by policy-making.

CFO contains information about francophone films, but refers users to the Quebec-based website L’Éléphant for a full overview of Québecois filmmaking. We share a database with Library and Archives Canada (LAC-BAC), and content with the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

You are invited to leave comments at CFO and to submit films, summaries, and interviews to the database, according to the guidelines provided. Our editorial board will review submissions for accuracy and appropriateness. If you are a filmmaker, please read the guidelines for placing your film in Athabasca University’s digital collections.

This project is funded in part by the Canada Interactive Fund at Canadian Heritage.