85 minutes, 1966

Wendy leaves her home town and her boyfriend to attend university, determined to broaden her horizons. Her cousin Janet, with whom she lives, is already well integrated into university life, and through her Wendy becomes part of an exclusive group who call themselves the "Blue Hands." Janet sees university as the best place to find a good husband. Wendy falls in love with Vance who is being promoted by the "Blue Hands" for student president. When Wendy becomes pregnant the group persuades Vance to break off the relationship since it would damage his election chances. They also try to persuade Wendy to have an abortion but she refuses. Her former boyfriend refuses to help her break the news to her parents. Wendy confronts the "Blue Hands" at a meeting and accuses them of exploiting and manipulating other people and each other to satisfy their own egos. She runs from the room to her home and dials a telephone number, but the line is busy...

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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