Univers Interplanétaire, L'


Production Details

71 minutes, 1984

Using different techniques, a series of four films take us on a voyage into space. In Satellites du soleil, animation techniques give us a glance into the main planets that make up our solar system (12:14). Comète is a documentary that explains the possible origin of comets, what makes up their core, surface and tail. It provides figures on how frequently they pass our planet and goes into detail on the most famous comet of them all: Halley’s Comet (12:18). Using photography, animation and special effects, Notre Univers takes the viewer on a trip to the stars. Stops along the way include the Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury (27:42). Champs de l’espace, designed particularly for astrophysics teachers and students, gives a broad and unified description of plasma, explaining the breakdown and movement of this fourth state of matter, as well as the force that characterizes it and creates a certain order in the Universe (18:38).

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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