Traversée De La Nuit, La

90 minutes, 1994

One of them is the only survivor of a plane crash and after a long rehabilitation, wrote a book to free herself from her guilt. Guilt about what? Quite simply being alive when others “died instead of her.” At the dawn of her adult life, another has found herself stuck in a wheel chair for a careless act on a sunny day – she had dove into a shallow lake. Stupid, terrible accidents that forever deprive us of our motor functions and leave us with the fateful question: Why live? All the characters in the film have found their own answers at the end of a painful road of self-revelation and discovery of the essential. Hope gradually replaces impotence, anger and bitterness and now guides their existence; it is coupled with a courage that must be admired.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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