Powder Room

Release Information
November 30, 1996
Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)
Cn National Film Board/Office National du Film

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Ann Kennard

From behind the closed doors of women’s washrooms, THE POWDER ROOM reveals women sharing intimacies in the privacy of each other’s company. Originating from the director’s observation that women trade secrets with friends and strangers in public washrooms, this innovative and candid documentary takes us to high school bathrooms, seniors centers’ powder rooms, Newfoundland dance halls, New York nightclubs, a sauna in Copenhagen, a Casablanca Haman and country-and-western bars in Texas. In each location, as women are filmed in vérité sequences, they confess their joys, their frustrations and their pain about love, sex, relationships with men and friendships with each other.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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