Montréal Rétro

73 minutes, 1992

In the 1950s, Montreal was a prized movie set for young NFB filmmakers. Images from Louis-Georges Carrier, Gilles Carle and Michel Brault, among others, bring this era back to life. Sketches featuring Anne Dorval and Doris Lussier lend continuity to the archival footage. Lussier plays the role of Père Gédéon who is visiting Montreal, a city that he knew well in the years after the war and before the Quiet Revolution. Arterial roads with marching parades and heaving tramways; wafting perfumes and memories of the "Saint Laurent; lovers strolling in Lafontaine Park; celebrations in Little Italy; the magic of Christmas reflected by the fairylike shop windows of department stores; Montreal in the snow; Montreal by night and the glowing neon lights of nightclubs: such are the nostalgic images of a glorious past.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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