Magillusion, La (La &Quot;Magillusion&Quot;)

102 minutes, 1993

Twelve-year old Dany is rejected by his sports friends because his mother, who is chair of the school committee, plans to have a new school built in the only park in the neighbourhood where they can play hockey. With the help of the doorman and a marvellous machine, the “Magillusion”, Dany will try to make his mother’s project fail. He convinces his friends to take part in his plan, which makes all the areas in the school magically turn into highly specialized rooms. But the device suddenly stops working. Fortunately, the Minister of Education visits the school that very day and understands that it is better to turn down the project and renovate the school to suit the students’ needs, according to the wishes of most the parents. In the meantime, Dany’s mom finally surrenders to the evidence.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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