Let Me Be Your Band


Production Details

Derek Emerson
Heather Emerson
Jeffrey Mutch
Washboard Hank
Hasil Adkins
Lonesome Organist
Bob Log III
74 minutes, 2002

When he was a kid in the backwoods of West Virginia, rockabilly artist Hasil Adkins heard a Hank Williams song on the radio. He thought Williams was singing and playing all the instruments by himself at the same time, so he set out to invent the musical contraptions that would let him do the same. The now-legendary Adkins is just one of 10 fascinating one-man bands in this film that introduces us to the kooky worlds of these eccentric musicians, all of whom have figured out how to make beautiful music all by themselves. Dynamic performances and conversations with Bob Log III, Canada’s Washboard Hank, Mayor McCa, Chicago’s Lonesome Organist, France’s Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger, and the high-tech 6955, who busks on Tokyo streets, among others, make for a stomping introduction to solo artists who have rejected the soul-destroying rules and conventions of the music industry to make music and perform for the pure joy of it.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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