Justice Express


Patrice Demaurex is a Swiss diplomat posted in Quebec. As chance has it, he and his mistress Magali take in an unknown wounded man, Yassaf. They quickly learn that he is the sole survivor of a terrorist commando responsible for a hostage-taking gone wrong. Demaurex harbours Yassaf and sees to his wounds. He cannot hand him over to justice without compromising his diplomatic career, he says to himself. In actual fact, Demaurex is obsessed by the impunity that those committing terrorist acts enjoy. Too often, new hostages provide currency for their release. The diplomat manages to bring together, in a drama-filled closed-door session, the close family of the victims of Yassaf's attack. The best justice is the fastest, governed by the law of retaliation. But there is one glitch: Magali has succumbed to Yassaf's charms...

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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