Just A Wedding


He’s a hick; she’s from the big city. He loves his car and loud music; she’s possessed by the spirit of Martha Stewart. He wants to go fishing; she wants to bring her hair dryer. He likes to dance; she was born with spinal bifida. Nadia DeFranco and Dennis Sweet find each other through the Internet, meet, and fall in love. As they prepare for their wedding, they negotiate that obstacle course of fantasy, pragmatism, tradition and frivolity that is the first proving ground of a couple’s future compatibility. JUST A WEDDING honours the profoundly serious nature of love and commitment with a light and playful touch. Nadia--who captivated audiences with her guts and good humor in the Academy award-winning I’LL FIND A WAY--and Dennis, making his screen debut, deliver direct, engaging performances... as themselves. The stark contrasts of their realities create a story of contemporary marriage that is witty, moving--and true.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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