Release Information
October 2, 2003
Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)
Budget: $408,163

Production Details

Lisa Hayes
Lisa Hayes
Line Producer
Tina Cooper
Tanya Henley
Tanya Henley
Paula Tiberius
Lisa Hayes
Paula Tiberius
Director of Photography
Marcos Arriga
John Critchley
Paula Tiberius
Paula Tiberius
Vanda Schmockel
Megan Dunlop
Megan Dunlop
Dru Viergever
Dominick Abrams
Laura Kim
Greg LeGros
Sasha Ormond
Lisa Hayes
94 minutes, 2002

Goldi is an oversexed rock and roller with an affinity for musicians. She works fast and plays hard, until one day she runs smack into an indie garage band that sticks to her wayward spirit. The three musicians - one too hot, one too cold, and one that seems just right - want her raw energy and tough spirit on stage with them and invite her to sing a few songs with their band. She devours the task and becomes a part time kick-ass front woman, giving her the courage to write powerful chick rock songs. But when she unleashes her songs on the band, they decide they’re not ready to share that much of the spotlight.
Goldi is completely disillusioned with her mentors and can’t see a way to get her own musical feet off the ground until her feminist friends get fed up and buy her a guitar. Finally she figures out that real success means becoming your own rock and roll hero.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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