Enfants De Refus Global, Les

75 minutes, 1997

In his 1948 REFUS GLOBAL manifesto, Paul-Émile Borduas proclaimed an end to the multifaceted fear embodied by the Duplessis government. Fifty years later, the history books tell of this manifesto that laid the foundation for today's Quebec. Filmmaker Manon Barbeau, daughter of one of the signatories, takes an unprecedented look at this period. She attends a meeting with the other sons and daughters of Barbeau, Borduas, Mousseau and Riopelle. They are “children of the Refus global,” whose lives were all affected by their parents’ revolutionary act. None of them escaped unscathed neither from a childhood of worries and desertions, nor from a wealth that only the arts can provide, as can be seen in some the film’s emotional moments.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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