Elles S'Appellent Toutes Sarajevo

88 minutes, 1994

March 1994. Sarajevo is a city held hostage by the surrounding hills and resists the shower of shells that rains down on it. It is afraid, cold, hungry, lives in the dark and sleeps in caves without running water and suffers every difficulty. Seven women witness this hell. They tell of numerous shortages, how hard daily life is, the inability to work at their occupations and a future that has been assassinated. And they don’t mention what we all know: in this chaotic world, the children remain. Their own and all those of this martyred, new order capital, as hope and perhaps pardon, lie with the children – when this endless agony ceases, and if summer returns to Sarajevo after the long winter of barbarity.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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