Is the human species on the verge of a huge evolutionary leap, as many tech-heads would have us believe? Or are we the new dinosaurs, on the verge of mass extinction? Oliver Hockenhull takes up these and other crucial questions in this state-of-the-art digital essay reflecting on the history and future of evolutionary theory, from Darwin to famed naturalist Stephen J. Gould. Exploring a range of key concepts in evolution - from contingency, predetermination, inevitability and mutation through to freedom, peace, cultural evolution and extinction - as conceived by evolutionary thinkers such as Ernst Haeckel, Richard Dawkins and Desmond Collins, Hockenhull builds a provocative non-linear narrative and packs it with thrilling computer-generated visual analogues which radically extend our understanding. A mind-altering reconception of our place in time and space.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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