85 minutes, 1994

An impressive portrait of Jean Duceppe, his career and achievements. Multi-talented and versatile, Duceppe left his mark on theatre and cinema as well as radio and television. A number of the characters he created are now part of our collective memory. But Jean Duceppe was not just an actor. The documentary also retraces the many facets of his tireless union work, his work as a businessman, radio and television host, political activist, artistic director and publisher. The youngest of a family of 18 children and himself the father of seven, this immensely talented artist was a simple man who was funny and sensitive alike, at times angry and always generous. He was also committed, having a ringside seat in the battle for Quebec’s culture and identity, and was angered by all the injustices. An ardent nationalist, Jean Duceppe was the artistic director most open to American theatre, which he had translated and adapted to Quebec’s situation.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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