Disposable Life

90 minutes, 1999

The story of a group of friends caught between the ease of doing nothing and the burning desire to "make something of themselves." Kevin (Mo Kristiansen) and T.C. (Brett Monro) are two room-mates whose irresponsible nature has brought them to the brink of eviction. They have 11 hours to collect old debts, pay the rent, and, most importantly, attend the party of the century. Along they way, they have to make peace with their girlfriends, Julie (Kari Pearce) and Lisa (Karen Robinson), T.C. is a struggling young musician whose dedication is shown only in the rare jam session at the local pub. Kevin is a talented computer programmer who dropped out of school to pursue the lucrative field of computer software piracy. Both are very much in love with their respective girlfriends, but the ladies are a little tired of life in the break-down lane. The focus of these two adventurers is not on the long-overdue rent, but instead on the party being held that evening. Putting on the party is a career drunk named Marlon. Marlon has arranged for several bands to perform live at the party and has remained anonymous so he can enjoy the festivities in peace. Marlon has also arranged for Kurgo, a local freak/genius, to put on a light show as a finale for the party. Little does Marlon realize that Kurgo's "Project X" is actually a disguised plan to take over the world. Along the way, Kevin and T.C.'s paths cross with the Rev, a womanizer who travels the country in search of new conquests, and The Boys, three video game addicts to whom Kevin owes a game. What started as 'the day of the big party' for Kevin and T.C. will become the day that they have to make decisions that will effect the rest of their lives.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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