Danger Pleine Lune

95 minutes, 1990

Eleven-year-old Alex, whose father is a doctor and seaman, is a daydreamer. One day, he receives a strange package holding many cocoons that shortly afterwards turn into shimmering butterflies. The most majestic of them can speak and has magical powers. Alex is so enthralled that he even repudiates Lucy, his best friend, to devote himself to this unique creature who warns him: "If you want to me, you must never leave the window open on the night of a full moon." But Alex forgets his promise just once while celebrating his father's return. He runs to his room, but it is too late: the butterfly has flown away for all time. But there is still Lucy, and Alex discovers that he is capable of accomplishing so much more than he believed possible.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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