Blanc De Mémoire

100 minutes, 1994

A postcard from Vienna triggers a vast operation to find a mysterious character, the painter Évariste Quesnel. An exciting picture is created in an investigation that gathers together the words of key art critics, thinkers, philosophers and artists, and enables us to track the major stages of the history of modern art in Quebec. With the participation of Dominique Blain, Maurice Blain, Serge Gagnon, Édouard Lachapelle, Johanne Lamoureux, Guido Molinari, Richard Purdy, Normand Thériault, Phu Qvoc Truong (Dr Kim), Claude Tousignant and Monique Régimbald-Zeiber.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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