Baree (Voa)

101 minutes, 1994

On the boat taking her back to her father, Nepeese makes a decision: she will no longer return to the city where she attends school. Her life is there, in the forest, near the lakes and where her father, Pierre the trapper, met her mother, an Indian woman who died just after Nepeese was born. It is near this river that Nepeese meets Bari, a fine wild animal – half dog and half wolf – that refuses to let anyone come near. Paul Weyman, a zoologist criss-crossing the Far North to study the wildlife, is at Pierre’s house. A recluse, in Nepeese he discovers a girl in the image of this beautiful, wild land. Another man, Taggart, succumbs to a wild passion for the girl. He has a counter where furs and gold are bartered for manufactured goods; he exploits the Indians and abuses his Indian female companion.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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