Baie James

91 minutes, 1990

James Bay is one of the last untouched regions in the world and the ultimate destination of nature lovers. The communities living there struggle to protect their values and way of life. The ancient art and traditions of the Cree and Inuit who live there are expressed through sculpture, the fashioning of calls out of tamarack, and legends. The litanies of Cree trappers and the famous katajjaqs of Inuit women reflect this unique culture. James Bay is the subject of much controversy but is also a place of adventure such as that experienced by those canoeing down the Great Whale River, the water bombers at the controls of their airtankers fighting forest fires, and the young Frenchmen speeding down the torrents in the mad Trapper's Race. Also experiencing adventure at James Bay were the first Northern pioneers and the 18,000 workers who built the largest underground powerhouse in the world there.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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