Affaire Norman William, L'

91 minutes, 1994

Who is Norman William? Norman William is Pierre Doris Maltais, born in East Angus, Quebec. It is also Piel Petjo Maltest, Dr. Man, the prince of Faucigny-Lucinge Malatesta and Sag Molinn Tiam. He is known to have a good dozen or so identities and just as many roles in international political, financial and humanitarian enterprises. Jacques Godbout found him somewhere in Europe, without papers, hounded by the press, bothered by the law, and taking care of the injuries from the twenty-eighth attempt on his life. The filmmaker searches through his story, questions his family, his friends, his protectors and his detractors, too. But as the investigation advances, the mystery becomes deeper. Who is Norman William?

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)

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