At the reading of the will of their mother Nawal, Jeanne and Simon learn that they have a brother and a father they believed to have died in a civil war in the Middle East is still alive. To fulfill the last wishes of her mother, Jeanne retraces her mother's footsteps in order to find her father and brother and give them each a letter. In parallel, the story follows Nawal's path during the war.

Source: Library and Archives Canada - Canadian Feature Film Database (LAC)


In Munich in 1918, a wealthy Jewish art dealer named Max Hoffman returns from World War I to a loving wife and children, fashionable friends, a gorgeous mistress and a home adorned in the new international style. Just after the announcement of the punitive terms of the Versailles Peace Treaty, Max encounters a disillusioned soldier, Adolf Hitler, who yearns to be an artist. Despite his horror of the anti-Semitic rhetoric Hitler is developing with political advisors, Max supports the young man and seeks to save him from politics with art.


Anne Wheeler’s feature film, Bye Bye Blues (1989) about how her mother fed her family of three boys during World War II by singing in a dance band is more widely known than her earlier docudrama, A War Story (1981), which was about her father’s experiences in a Japanese POW Camp in Taiwan. However, the two films provide rare bookends to the experiences of one family under hardship.