April and Tong are divided by warring ambitions and the Pacific Ocean. Natasha and Matthew have compromised their careers for love. On a fated road to Banff, these two screwed-up couples swap partners. The Quest is fulfilment: creative, spiritual, romantic. The Journey is a subtly hilarious epic of mishaps and magic. The Outcome is one new relationship and two free spirits.

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AWAY FROM HER is a screen adaptation of Alice Munro's short story, "The Bear Came Over the Mountain." Married for fifty years, Grant and Fiona's life together is full of tenderness and humour, their serenity broken only by Fiona's references to the past and her increasingly evident memory loss. When Grant moves Fiona into a nursing home specializing in Alzheimer's disease, he is not allowed to visit for the first month so she can "adjust." When he sees her again, she has forgotten him and turned her affection to Aubrey, another resident.


Sabah, a 40-year-old Arab woman from Syria, meets a man about her own age while swimming. He is a divorcee from Sudbury. She's a good Muslim but breaks the rules occasionally. Sabah starts to see him despite her very controlling family and falls in love with him. After she spends the night with him her brother disowns her. But the rest of the family likes the man, particularly her mother, and the brother turns out to be less of a dinosaur than he at first seems.

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Jerry is a nonconformist unable to follow conventional expectations. When he finds himself witnessing a robbery, he finds it thrilling being so close to death, unlike most normal people. Afterwhile, he meets Erin, a woman who takes nonconformity a step further. She teaches him that life should be something else than repetitious and dull.

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Nothing’s been quite the same in the small town of Long Bay, Ontario, since the curling star Chris Cutter left town 10 years ago, throwing away his team’s chance to win the coveted Golden Broom and leaving his fiancée standing at the altar. Returning for his former coach’s funeral, he decides to put his team together again and to win the Golden Broom.

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Winnipeg is a tangled web of human desire. Joseph, a water department chemist, cannot let go of Laura, even though she’s been trying to drop him for the last year. A Catholic girls’ school teacher, Laura is much more interested in Bruce, an Information Technology specialist who is trying to outgrow his pleasure-seeking lifestyle and settle down with his new Japanese wife. In truth, Bruce has fallen for a nineteen-year-old student Alex, who is Joseph’s second cousin twice removed.